Rock Climbing Peak District

Rock Climbing Peak District

Mountain Training Association

Beginner Instruction - Plastic to Rock

This is a course that ideal for people who have been climbing at the indoor wall and want to make the transition to outdoor rock climbing.

The course is designed to give you the skills to operate safely and successfully outside, and in that respect is focused around Traditional Climbing.

The course is technical and delivered at the level you feel comfortable with, however climbing experience is assumed. This includes the ability to belay. Use of your own gear is recommended, as should learn with what you will use after the course, but not essential. All gear that you haven't got will be provided.

Course topics include:

  • Anchors and gear placement
  • Managing and minimising risk
  • Rope work
  • Decision making
  • Route strategies to maximise success
  • Climbing style and technique
  • Lead climbing (if at that level)
  • Guidebooks
  • The crag environment and history
  • Buying equipment
  • Where to go next

The course is best run over two days with at least 2 climbers and can be run with as many as 6.