Rock Climbing Peak District

Rock Climbing Peak District

Mountain Training Association

Beginner Instruction - Rock Climbing Fast Track

This is a five day course designed to create the complete Rock Climber, run with a maximum of two people per instructor.

At Rock Climbing Peak District we believe that you should take your time and not rush development. However we also understand that the first steps into the sport are the hardest and most frustrating. This course is designed to be an intensive look into all aspects of the climbing world. Its aim is to create a climber that can go one and develop in their own time.

Topics covered include

  • All aspects of First Steps and Learning to Lead
  • Different types of Rock
  • Indoor Climbing
  • Bouldering
  • Coaching Technique and Fitness Training
  • Next Steps and Further Development

This is the perfect course for people are really keen to get into the world of Rock Climbing. As with all of our rock climbing courses we will tailor the five days specifically to you and your needs. No prior experience is required, but if you do have experience we will able to cover much more within the five days.