Rock Climbing Peak District

Rock Climbing Peak District

Mountain Training Association

Beginner Instruction with Rock Climbing Peak District

All courses are run by fully qualified instructors on a maximum of 4:1. Our Group Days page offers other alternatives such as Parties and Cragging Days for bigger groups.

First Steps (Introduction to rock climbing)

This is a one or two day course designed to teach you everything you need to know about Rock Climbing. Once complete you will be able to climb safely and have fun anywhere in the world.

Learning to Lead

Learning to lead is a huge step in any climber's life and once complete you will be able to confidently lead climbs knowing you have all the up to date knowledge required to keep you safe.

Rock Climbing Fast Track

A five day course designed to create the complete Rock Climber, covering all of the above plus more.

Plastic to Rock

A half or full day course to help you make the transition from the climbing wall to climbing on rock.


This one day course introduces you to 'bouldering' - climbing without a rope and limited to very short climbs over a padded mat.