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Rock Climbing Peak District

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About Rock Climbing Peak District

At Rock Climbing Peak District we are completely dedicated to offering the best Rock Climbing courses in the Peak District area. We have been running outdoor education programmes and courses since the late 80s and continuously strive to achieve the highest standards possible in this field.

Rock Climbing Peak District can offer you tailor made Instruction and Coaching courses for complete beginners to climbers wishing to push themselves and develop. Alongside this we have designed a variety of Group Days that are great for any type of occasion, whether it is a university club trip, company team building, a school trip or just a party. Finally we also have an unrivalled guiding service that offers Peak District Rock Experiences on a one to one or two to one basis These experiences are designed to show you more of what the Peak District has to offer and are run by the local climbing fanatics that are our staff.

A big part of what Rock Climbing Peak District offers is a unique Kids Club called Keen Youth. This is an ethically based club designed to get young people outside and inspire them to stay out. We are the only outdoor activity provider that offers this type of outdoor focused Kids Club and pride ourself on helping the next generation develop, learn and enjoy life.


Most of our activities are run when requested by a group or individual so we don't have specific dates when these activities are run. We do, however maintain (to the best of our ability) a calendar showing you when we are free, so to book check on the calendar to find a date you would like and then contact us.

Help with terminology

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To try and help with this we have incorporated a built-in encyclopedia of terms so when you see a word or phrase represented like this, simply click on it and a definition will appear. Click again, or click on the definition, to make it go away again. We hope that this will help you understand this website more easily and we welcome any feedback, via the Contact Us page, either positive or negative!

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